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From the Dust: Record of Rajah Manchou of Vorito

In 1845 an angel showed James Strang the location of an ancient record. Later he and four witnesses went to the location. The four witnesses had to remove a tree that had grown over the location of the plates.  The … Continue reading

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Week in Faith – Nov 28, 2010 Part 3 or Policy vs. Revelation Intro.

I did my Week in Faith posts a little different this week. Instead of starting with sacrament meeting I started with Sunday School. The reason is that the last talk in Sacrament meeting had some really great content. And I … Continue reading

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Week in Faith – Nov 28, 2010 Part 2

 In Elder’s Quorum we had a lesson about slowing our lives down and getting back to basics. We read about the Jews looking beyond the mark. Jacob 4:14 14 But behold, the Jews were a stiffnecked people; and they despised … Continue reading

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