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Week in Faith – October 31, 2010

To start off this sacrament we got another letter from the First Presidency. But this was the standard, “There’s many members writing to the Leaders of the Church about doctrinal and personal questions. These questions should be directed to the … Continue reading

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Twelve Olive Trees

Well I was going to have this be my first post as a guest author on LDSAnarchy. But there is a brand new post, so to give that post sufficient time at the top I’ll put mine here. Maybe I’ll … Continue reading

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Jacob 2 – Have Save It Be One Wife

Another scripture that is often cited to support the ban on Plural Marriage is the infamous Jacob Chapter 2. The Chapter 2 is not just famous, it’s Infamous. One concept that I have come o understand is that many people … Continue reading

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Love Thy Wife With All Thy Heart

One concern a lot of people have with Plural Marriage is that the scriptures repeatedly teach us to love your spouse and no one else. I would like to present a possible interpretation that these scriptures actually refer to fidelity … Continue reading

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Week in Faith – Oct 24, 2010 – Follow Up

Apparently my last Week in Faith post generated quite a stir, especially among my family. My mother called me late last night with concern in her voice. She was concerned with some of my statements in my post. We talked … Continue reading

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Week in Faith – October 24, 2010

Today was Stake Conference. Our daughter has a cold and had a restless night. Needless to say my wife and I also had a restless night. Finally about 3AM she got to sleep and so did we. So when 7AM … Continue reading

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Bondage Both Temporally and Spiritually

This posts isn’t directly related to Plural Marriage but I think it is important to understand this in order to understand our relationship to Plural Marriage today. In my previous post I discussed brought up and quote from John Taylor … Continue reading

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