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Cultural Traditions Do Not Trump God’s Commandments

Recently the Deseret News published an article about President Nelson’s visit to Nairobi, Kenya. There he spoke out against the practice of paying a bride price: “That’s not the Lord’s way,” President Russell M. Nelson told about 2,000 Kenyans and … Continue reading

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Law of Consecration and Tithing

Here is a post I made over at the lds.net forum. It was long enough I figured I should share it here. If you want to follow the replies to my post on lds.net please do. And it would be … Continue reading

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Week in Faith – Nov 28, 2010 Part 3 or Policy vs. Revelation Intro.

I did my Week in Faith posts a little different this week. Instead of starting with sacrament meeting I started with Sunday School. The reason is that the last talk in Sacrament meeting had some really great content. And I … Continue reading

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