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Satan Smiles Every Time a Child Sings Follow the Prophet

Who is Your Spiritual Leader?    OR    Follow the Prophet/The Prophet will never lead us astray. I think this is a topic that needs to have a follow up. This is a doctrine that is taught everywhere. It is faithfully accepted … Continue reading

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The Words of Isaiah – Isaiah 1

Last Sunday we had a lesson on Isaiah. The lesson was about how the first few chapters of Isaiah applied to the ancient Israelites and also to our modern times. The think I noticed is that almost all the comments … Continue reading

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It’s the End of the Month! Last day for Home Teaching!

Well it is once again the end of the month. And as all of you Elders know this is crunch time to get those last few home teaching visits in. We all feel the pressure. Go and visit some people … Continue reading

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Understanding the Fragmentation of the Church and the Importance of Unification, Part 1

This is an article I am writing about the succession crisis and the unification of the original LDS church. I wrote with the intent that it would be printed on a single page or a flier and easily handed out. … Continue reading

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Week in Faith – Sept 19, 2010

I thought of a good idea for a series of articles. Ever since we had our ward split I’ve been trying to make at least one comment in each of my classes. Now with my comments I’m trying to avoid … Continue reading

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Follow the Prophet, Don’t Go Astray

There is a common belief among the Saints is that our leaders will never lead us astray. This idea comes from Official Declaration 1 where Wilford Woodruff said that God would never let Him lead the church astray. This is … Continue reading

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