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Abraham’s Toxic Polygamy

All references are to the Joseph Smith Translation. The story of Sarah giving Hagar to Abraham is commonly used by pro-polygamists to bolster their position of polygyny being approved by God. However, others point out that the only reason Sarah … Continue reading

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Celestial Marriage – Chapter 3: Blessings of Celestial Marriage

Blessings of Celestial Marriage Chapter 3 Great Spiritual Blessings are Promised The Lord has promised great blessings for those who enter into Celestial Marriage. Doctrine and Covenants records some of the many blessings a couple can receive. Couples who have … Continue reading

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Celestial Marriage – Chapter 2: Celestial Marriage

Celestial Marriage Chapter 2 Celestial Marriage is Vital for Exaltation Marriage is not just a social custom between men and women. For Latter-day Saints Marriage is an essential covenant and ordinance. Men and women who are sealed together for time … Continue reading

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Celestial Marriage – Chapter 1 Marriage

Marriage Chapter 1 Marriage Covenant is Between a Man and a Woman Marriage is a covenant relationship between a man, a woman, and God. “We, the First Presidency and the Council of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus … Continue reading

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Monogamy for the ben[e]fit of women?

I found this post here and just had to copy it to my blog. It’s pretty good and it brought up some ideas I hadn’t considered before. Probably the most irritating thing to me when I read about things against … Continue reading

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Waiting Mentality (or What are We Doing?)

For this post I just want to analyze my own experience in the Church(TM). The feelings I’m going to talk about here are my own. You may or may not have felt the same things. So when I talk about … Continue reading

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Must and Shall Abide the Law

I can’t believe I finally got this post done. Before I go into this post I want to testify to all of you, that I have a witness of the truthfulness of Plural Marriage. The witness I received of this … Continue reading

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