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Monogamy for the ben[e]fit of women?

I found this post here and just had to copy it to my blog. It’s pretty good and it brought up some ideas I hadn’t considered before. Probably the most irritating thing to me when I read about things against … Continue reading

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Thomas S. Monson: A Seer, a Revelator, a Translator, and a Prophet

Soon after President Thomas S. Monson became the President of the Church there was a broadcast that I attended. My parents and siblings went to our Stake Center and watched this broadcast where President Monson spoke for the first time … Continue reading

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Silent Revelations

As a missionary back in 2004 – 2005 I often touted to investigators that our Church had modern revelation. This means that our Church(the L-DS Church) has a leader to whom God communicates directly. I would often reflect on the … Continue reading

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