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Understanding the Fragmentation of the Church and the Importance of Unification, Part 2

This entry was written many months ago and may contain some views that I do not currently hold or have not researched thoroughly. Enjoy. Keys of Authority Along with the question of who is a legitimate successor comes another question. … Continue reading

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Two Models

If you came here looking for an article on attractive women you’ve come to the wrong place. Things are about to get ugly…very ugly. Ok maybe it’s not all that bad. But during Christmas I had some conversations with my … Continue reading

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Policy vs. Revelation: Teachers

I don’t know if I mentioned it but I will be compiling all of these Policy vs. Revelation entries into a binder which I will present to my bishop. I will also make it into a book which will be … Continue reading

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The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness

Before I get started into this post I want tell everyone to visit Rock’s post on his blog. His step grandson was murdered and help is needed to pay for the funeral expenses. I invite all of you who … Continue reading

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Week in Faith – Dec12, 2010, Part 2 (Sunday School & Elders Quorum)

Brother J gave this our lesson this week. He gives good lessons. I was really inspired during this lesson. Let me explain. Our lesson was about Daniel 1, 3, 6. To start our lesson off Bro. J told us that … Continue reading

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Week in Faith – Dec 12, 2010 Part 1(Sacrament Meeting)

As sacrament meeting started I was thinking about the sacrament. I was pondering about the way the Church administers the sacrament. In section 20 of the Doctrine and Covenants it tells us that the Priests are only to administer the … Continue reading

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I Love to See the Temple, Part 2

The Endowment is looked upon, by many LDS, as the pinnacle of all ordinances. Members of the church look forward to entering the temple and receiving this ordinance. But as I’ve researched more into the Endowment I’ve realized that our … Continue reading

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