Week in Faith – Sept 19, 2010

I thought of a good idea for a series of articles. Ever since we had our ward split I’ve been trying to make at least one comment in each of my classes. Now with my comments I’m trying to avoid overly negative comments. Instead I want to make comments that will force the hearers to think. Now for those of you who may know me, raising my hand an making a comment is extremely out of character for me. Usually I just sit quietly in the class and read my scriptures or something. But now I’m sitting in front of my classes and making comments.

Now for the name of these articles. Usually people who make comments like the ones I plan on making are looked upon as “weak in faith.” And since this is going to be a weekly series I decided to be witty and call it “Week in Faith.” So here we go:

Sept 19, 2010 –

Today in Sunday School I didn’t make any comments. Our lesson was about prophets. I had a comment planned about how prophets can lead us astray. But nobody brought up the “Prophets can never lead us astray,” comment.

In Elder’s Quorum we talked about faith. As an extension of that we talked about the faith it took Lehi to leave Jerusalem and also Nephi to go get the plates. I made a comment along the lines of, “With the example of Lehi who went and preached against the Jewish church; and the example of Nephi killing Laban even though the law says, ‘Thou shalt not kill;’ what should we do if we receive a personal revelation that runs contrary to modern church positions?”

There were many brothers willing to comment about that.

Brother R commented that, “according to Jewish Law Laban’s life was forfeit for what he had done to Nephi and his brothers.”

Brother M commented about Lehi that, “the Jewish Church, was fairly apostate at that point.”

Brother A commented that, “God won’t reveal anything that contradicts what he has previously revealed. For example a person received a revelation to marry five more wives and start some polygamist compound. All our revelation will be inline with what the God has revealed to the church.”

Brother W said that, “If we do receive something like that we need to take a careful look and make sure that revelation isn’t coming from Satan.”

Brother B said that, “if ever received a revelation that was contrary to the church I would want Jesus standing right there next to me to be100% sure that it was true.”

Many of the comments were looking more at my examples rather than the message I was trying to convey. And I probably could have stated my question better. But the key was in the words modern church position, implying that the church’s positions have changed over the years. And the option that nobody considered was that the positions and policies of the church today contradict the original revelations of the restoration. So if I receive a revelation that is contrary to the modern church positions but is inline with the original principles of the restoration is my revelation really contradictory? Just something to think about.

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1 Response to Week in Faith – Sept 19, 2010

  1. Dave P. says:

    Of course one thing that most Sunday School classes fail to mention is that Laban had wronged Nephi and his family three times: by failing to heed God’s command to give them the plates, by stealing their property, and by attempting to kill them. As found in the D&C, Nephi was fully justified in taking Laban’s life in retribution according to God’s own law on the matter. See section 98:23-32 and the Lord even names Nephi by name as having received that same law.

    It’s also notable that, after Nephi obeyed the command to kill Laban, he never hesitated again when the Lord commanded him to do something. The Lord promised in Section 101 that the saints would be chastened and tried as Abraham, and my notations list a few potential ways: Sacrificing something precious to you, being commanded to do something contrary to one’s personal values, or being commanded to do something apparently contrary to what one has been taught.

    Brothers W and B would also do well to read Section 129 as well.

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