The Deseret Region

While this post isn’t what most people expect from my blog it is something important to me. One of the reasons my posts here have been few and far between lately is because of other projects I’ve been busy with. One of the biggest of those projects is the Deseret Region.

Proposed State of Deseret

Modern Deseret Region

The Deseret Region is a project to develop a self sufficient region within the western United States. The Deseret Region gets its name from the historic State of Deseret which was proposed by early Mormon settlers in the 1850’s. The modern Deseret Region roughly follows the same boundaries, except is it determined by modern county borders.

The purpose of the Deseret Region is to initiate and coordinate various projects and programs to improve infrastructure, lifestyle, and economy; so that the Deseret Region can be self sufficient.

Why is self sufficiency important? It is important because it allows us to provide for our own necessities. We don’t have to rely on outside sources for the things we need. For example currently food is imported from distant areas. This causes some major problems. The food is more expensive because it has to be transported long distances. Also because the food has to be transported it is harvested when it is under ripe. This means it has to be treated with chemicals to give the illusion of being ripe. But if food is grown, harvested, and sold locally, it is much healthier, and better for the local economy. Another issue would be if the trucking systems were shut down due to some disaster. Currently if this where to happen, many people would quickly starve. But if we were self sufficient then a shut down of outside trucking systems would have little effect.

Our projects page brings up many infrastructural issues that need addressing. So go check it out and see what we are facing.

Additionally we have a business directory and we offer free listings for any business within the Deseret Region. If you have a business within the Deseret Region come and get your business listed now for free.

We have a presence on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Come like our Facebook page; join our group; and follow us on Twitter.
I also invite all my readers, even if you live outside the Deseret Region, to join our forum. This is where we can get together and discuss solutions to problems. And for a limited time the first fifty accounts to reach 10 posts get a free Upgraded Membership. An Upgraded Membership allows for more PMs and an uploaded avatar.

Finally we have a Deseret Region blog. I’m looking for other bloggers to help contribute. So if you would like to become a contribute on our blog please email me at

This project is something I think is very important. By developing this region we can create a buffer that will soften the blow of the coming disasters such as a financial collapse. We must act now to prepare ourselves for the future. Self sufficiency only makes sense. We are One Region, and we have One Future.

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3 Responses to The Deseret Region

  1. LDSDPer says:

    I wish you the very best. I don’t live within or anywhere near this region–

    I know that one of the biggest challenges this project will face, in making this area self-sufficient, will be water, or the lack of water–

    I did have ancestors who settled the great basin and then moved into other areas, some of which aren’t included on the map but are now part of the Mormon Corridor–
    and one of the most common themes in church inactivity and contention among members was water–
    battles for water–

    caused a lot of bitterness–

  2. I think this is a wonderful idea, also, but be prepared to receive resistance from the Powers That Be, which are already attempting to divide the country into 12 separate regions under government control that will undermine state and county sovereignty. The best thing this movement has going for it is recognizing that counties should remain intact. Those are the basic units of sovereign government.

    Anyway, you’ve got my support. Pursuant to what DPr above says, the feds may try to control things by controlling access to water. Perhaps the best chance Deseret has of surviving would be to secede as an independent republic, but unfortunately most Americans see secession as unpatriotic and un-American, when in reality it is the just about the most “American” action a free and fed-up people can take.

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