Celestial Marriage – Chapter 3: Blessings of Celestial Marriage

Blessings of Celestial Marriage

Chapter 3

Great Spiritual Blessings are Promised

The Lord has promised great blessings for those who enter into Celestial Marriage. Doctrine and Covenants records some of the many blessings a couple can receive.

Couples who have a Celestial Marriage will be permitted to enter into God’s glory. (D&C 132:4) They will inherit thrones, kingdoms, principalities, and powers, dominions, all heights and depths. They will be able to pass by the angels, who guard heaven and enter into their exaltation and glory. They will be able to have a fulness and a continuation of children forever and ever.

A couple which is faithful to Heavenly Father will be able to receive everything that He has. They will become like Him.(D&C 132:20)

By marrying in God’s ordained way, we may receive an outpouring of the Spirit on our marriages as we remain worthy.

– What are some more blessings for having a Celestial Marriage?

– Why is it important to you to have a Celestial Marriage?

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1 Response to Celestial Marriage – Chapter 3: Blessings of Celestial Marriage

  1. AV says:

    First, one must prove that D&C 132 was authored by Joseph Smith, let alone the Lord.

    D&C 132 is completely contrary to Joseph Smith’s teachings on marriage, that he constantly preached & published to the Saints during his lifetime & left as a testimony & warning to all future Saints. How & why would anyone believe heresay, over the Prophet Joseph Smith’s own proven & published testimony & teachings?

    D&C 132 goes completely against what the New Test., Book of Mormon & D&C (1844 edition, 132 was not a part of it, but commanded monogamy) teach on marriage. Joseph Smith warned us & the Saints in his day & to use those scriptures ‘of his day’, as a ‘sure standard’ to prove & discern if anyone in his day or anyone who came after him, was preaching contrary to what those scriptures teach or not, & if so, we will know for sure it’s false.

    D&C 132 is completely contrary to the Savior’s teachings on marriage & Christlike love & his ‘Golden Rule’. What man would put up with the same done unto him, as men did unto women in the 1800’s..

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