Which Prophets Do You Hearken To?

The other day I was thinking about mh Latter Day Saints United in Jesus Christ project. I was thinking that many people might consider it another “breakaway” sect. As such people might ask me the question, “Well who is your prophet?” The obvious answer is, “Myself.” But that’s not what the question would be asking. What a person would be asking is, do I follow Thomas Monson, Stephen Veazey, or James Strang, etc.(I’ve discussed the whole follow the prophet thing enough so I’ll leave that out). Who is the leader? Who do I believe can receive the voice of the Lord for us today? Which prophet do I hearken to?

My answer would be, “All of them.”

If there is a true prophet I will hearken to them. Follow them, no. But I will hearken to the voice of the Lord through them.

The most important prophet to me today is myself. But I also accept the Words of the Lord through any other prophet, so long as the Lord confirms it to me. It doesn’t matter if they come from the heirarchy, or the “correct line of succession.” I accept many revelations from Joseph Smith, Jr. I accept many revelations from James Strang, Joseph Smith III, John Taylor, Wilford Woodruff, etc. I am limited only by my access to revelations.

One of the next questions which would come is, “Well what do you do when one prophet contradicts another?” If this was a new.mormon asking me this, the smart alec in me would want to say, “Well what do YOU do?” But the answer is, I examine the contents of any revelation, if it is contradictory to a previous revelation then I don’t accept it. Joseph Smith told us that a true revelation will never contradict a previous one.

I find it interesting that the nineth article of faith says: “We believe all that God has revealed, all that He does now reveal, and we believe that He will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God.” and the thirteen says, “…If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.” But at the same time most LDS believe that new revelation will only come through the leaders of the church.

It reminds me of a similar situation. In 3 Nephi 23 the Savior had to tell the Nephites to include the teachings of Samuel the Lamanite in their scripture. Because Samuel the Lamanite had come from outside their church heirarchy they had not accepted his words. Christ didn’t care that Samuel the Lamanite was not part fo their group. He didn’t care that the words had not come through the Nephite Prophet. The Lord had commanded Samuel to speak them and they should have been accepted.

My challenge to everyone is to search the words of anyone who claims to be a prophet. Examine their words. Ask the Lord what He would have you accept. Do as the thirteenth article of faith says and don’t just wait for these thing to come over the pulpit, but SEEK THEM OUT.

In my “From the Dust” series I am examining many writings which could possibly be genuine scripture. Are you going to reject these things outright because they don’t have Thomas Monson’s stamp of approval? I’m not.

To get you started here’s some links:



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8 Responses to Which Prophets Do You Hearken To?

  1. It seems many of Joseph’s family did join Strang’s sect. That does give it some degree of credibility. However, I mistrust Strang for one big reason. He invited John C. Bennett to join his group. Bennett became an avowed enemy to Joseph and ultimately helped to destroy him. Why would Joseph’s successor want such a man following him?

    • Dave P. says:

      Definitely a good question. Was Strang simply exercising the spirit of forgiveness or did he simply not know about Bennett’s actions? Did Bennett repent after he realized what his actions had wrought or did he continue his crusade against Joseph’s character long afterward?

      • I’m not sure if you can be forgiven for murdering a prophet. Now, while Bennett may have not personally killed Joseph, he certainly was one of his greatest accusers.

        Strang was probably out of the loop, so he probably didn’t see the stuff Bennett published about Joseph. Strang certainly knew Joseph had been killed. I’m sure he would have asked about who was involved. Maybe Bennett’s name never came up.

      • If Strang really was getting direct revelation from God, wouldn’t he be able to detect Bennett’s evil heart?

    • zo-ma-rah says:

      I don’t know, that would make an interesting study. Of course we could also make the same accusations against Joseph Smith. Why did he not forsee Bennett’s actions?

      There are certainly enough reasons to not trust Strang, but then there are also many reasons not to trust Joseph. For me I look more at what He taught than who he associated with.

      But it would be interesting to find out why Strang invited Bennett. Or why Bennett joined Strang. But if I remember right Bennett was also later ex’ed from Strang’s group.

      • God was probably testing Bennett during Joseph’s time. Bennett failed the test. I don’t see why God would give him another try. Murder is kind of a one time offense thing :/

        From what I understand Strang was murdered by his own, just as Joseph was. Which is rather interesting.

        I was surprised at how many followers he gather though: 12,000. That’s pretty impressive!

      • Really the best way to test a man is by the things he speaks and the things he does. I haven’t read anything by Strang, so I can’t really can’t say whether I believe him to be a prophet or a pretender.

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